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As you are probably aware, video and regular poker are games of skill. Similar to Blackjack, in poker you can effectively lower the house advantage if you make the correct decision. The probability of receiving a certain card/hand is the strategy that we should all be following in order to maximize our chances of winning. And the great thing about online video poker, is that we can keep a cheat sheet next to us or run a separate computer program that tells us exactly when to raise, bet or fold for example.

Video poker is very interesting as you have the option of playing a number of different versions (on one machine) of our favorite classic poker game. In most cases the basic game is played with an original 5 card hand and you will have one chance to exchange as many of these card as you like in order to form the possible hand. Other variations available on a video poker game include adding wild cards, or slightly switching up the rank of the hands. These small twists always lead to added excitement.

Another great feature to playing online video poker is the ability to play a “perfect game” without having to think about it. Since some video poker machines offer a feature that if turned on, will automatically activate a pre built decision strategy to your game that makes the best (mathematically proven) plays for you. As well, since overhead costs for online video poker are quite small, the casinos are able to offer very high payout percentages, increasing further your chances of winning.

However keep in mind, similar to online slot machines, that even though the payout percentage might be advertised at 99% this is in the long run. It may take a few thousand tries to hit it big (or if luck is on your side, it might only be 3 hands before you draw a royal flush).

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