Roulette Guide – Play online roulette today!

With a reputation for being, game of grace, stature and sophistication, the more submissive game of roulette has found its way to the online casino. Although this game, in the past, typically attracted a more passive crowd, it has recently become much more popular and now welcomes a more diverse one. It is rumored that the origin of this game dates back many many years and was in fact invented by renowned mathematician, Blaise Pascal. And it is noted that Roulette only began to become popular sometime in the mid to late 1800’s in Europe. So we can see that this game has come along way, as today, it is a main feature with many online casinos.

The game of Roulette took a little longer to become popular in the United States and is still not quite as recognized and respected as it is in Europe. However the popularity is growing at fast rate as more people learn the game and give it a whirl. There is a slight difference though in the way they play Roulette in America. In its original, and still the European, version, the Roulette wheel contains a 0. The American roulette wheel includes a 0 and a 00. Thus allowing for better house odds in the American version. It is not very easy to find a European Roulette wheel in the United States casinos, unless you are playing for the big bucks. However when playing Roulette online, you will find that most online casinos feature both the American and the Classic European style of this exciting game. If you don’t already play Roulette we suggest that you jump on the Roulette band wagon and give it a try – it’s a lot of fun!!!

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