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Welcome to Online Casino Deal, you’re information source into the world of online casinos. Here you will find tips on finding an appropriate and trustworthy online casino, some great reviews of the top online casinos, different online banking alternatives and basic specific game information and tips.

Why would someone want to gamble online? Well for starters the number and variety of different games available to you at anytime of the day from anywhere you can get an internet connection is by far greater than in any land casino. And the convenience alone is something that a land-based casino couldn’t offer. An online casino can offer slot games that payout from 96% to 99% of the time. You can play a single zero roulette wheel with $1 chips. Video poker is offered in at least 9 different coin denominations. With one click of the mouse your options are plentiful. Just to name a few of the advantages of testing your luck online.

The following are a few key tips for the newcomers in the online casino scene who are searching for the right online casino to play at and aren’t quite sure what to do when they find it. This information is important and helpful and is definitely worth scanning through.

Which Casinos to Trust

When purchasing anything online, including funding your online casino bankroll, some people still aren’t too comfortable with it, as you might feel that you’re personal information and transactions aren’t secure. However you can be sure and at ease that all the online casinos that are recommended and reviewed on this site have been in business for several years, have great reputations, friendly and informative customer service and 100% secured transactions. We have done your homework for you. You can enter any of the casinos and check them out, chat with players, etc. without making any commitments to join as a client. If you think it looks good and they offer what you need then sign up and begin your online casino experience. If something doesn’t work for you, simply come back and checkout one of our other recommendations, you will find the casino for you.

Download or Instant Casino Software

Once you have chosen the casino with which you are going to play, you must now decide if you want to download and install their casino software (some major casino software providers are Microgaming, Playtech and Cryptologic) or if you want to play instantly (“no download” games) over the web. There are important differences between the two versions that you should be aware of. Although the “download games” may seem to be a bit of a pain, as they take time to download, take up space on your computer and can only be played from a computer that has the software already downloaded, we believe that they are still much superior to “no download” games. These games are definitely more convenient and are great when you want a quick fix and aren’t at your regular computer but they definitely lack the charisma that the other option offers. Download games offer superior sounds, graphics and user interface, a much greater variety of specific games in a number of different versions and an overall higher quality experience.

Registering an Account

If you decided that you wanted some quick and easy playing and are going to simply go the “no download” path all you have to do no is register an account, fund your account (if you are not just playing for fun) and start playing. If you read the casinos terms and instructions then registering yourself as a player should be a piece of cake. The online casinos have made sure that this step is very easy, however if you have any questions/concerns simply read over the instructions again or contact the customer service department, they’ll help you out.

However, if you chose to download the software, then these tips will help get you started. After you have downloaded the software you should now reboot your computer as recommended. It is not necessary but everything will be sure to run smoothly if you do. Once you have done that, locate the casino icon on your screen (should automatically be there, if not, hit the Start menu and then ‘Programs’ and it will be at the bottom of that list) and click on it to enter the casinos home site which will verify your install. If all is well you can now register your account with the casino, receive your user name and password and you are now free to enter the online casino anytime you like. Remember that all the casinos that we recommend are absolutely secure and you’re personal information is safe there.

Funding Your Bankroll

It is typical, when entering the online casino for the first time, for a message to appear on your screen asking you if you would like to purchase some chips. If you are there to play for fun (no real money bets) then simply close the box and continue by choosing the free games that you want to play. If you would like to play for real money, then respond to the message. If a message like this does not appear or if you would like to re-fund your account at anytime then look for an icon titled “cashier”, “banking” or “bank” and click on it. This is where you will buy your chips. In an online casino you typically have a number of payment options to choose from (Credit Cards, NETeller, FirePay, PrePaid ATM and many more). These alternatives are outlined for you in the Online Casino Banking section of this website.

How To Cashout

Say you’re a winner, a big winner, how do you cashout your winnings? Well in this case we would have to say that it depends. Every online casino has a different cashout policy and it is worth it for you to read and understand them before you chose to play. For example, some casinos have a limit to how much cash you can put directly back on to your credit card. So if you win big, you may have to rely on receiving a check by mail, which could take weeks. Others may allow you to only withdraw a certain amount of money in a specific time period. So make sure that you are familiar and satisfied with the payout policies so you won’t get frustrated later on. No matter what the policy, you will be sure to receive the full amount of your winnings however.

Online Casino Bonuses

Due to such a competitive market, online casinos have been known to offer great bonuses and incentives to players who come and play at their casinos. These bonuses are more than likely in the form of free cash, which can then be used to play games at the particular casino. Here are a couple of different types of bonuses that you might come across;

First, No Deposit Casino Bonuses, These are small cash incentives given to people for simply downloading and giving the casino a try. You do not have to deposit any of your own money to receive this incentive and they usually range from about ten to twenty dollars.

Next and most common, is the Online Casino Match Bonus. If you are a first time player, the casino will match (at a given percentage) your first deposit. So for example, the casino advertises a 100% match bonus up to $150. This means that if your first deposit is $100 then the casino will match that total and deposit $100 extra credits into your account. But the most they will give you is $150 no matter what your deposit. Other casinos will offer higher bonus amounts but at a lower percentage rate. So if they offer 50% match up to $500, then in order to receive the full $500 you must initially deposit $1000 into your account.

Finally, you might find that an online casino offers an Alternative Banking Bonus. Since it is more common for credit cards to be rejected, etc., some casinos will prefer you to fund your bankroll with alternative means (FirePay, Prepaid ATM, NETeller, etc.) and will actually give you bonus cash if you do. These bonuses are given on top of the match bonuses so if you can, it might be worth your while (and your bankroll) to find a casino that offers these bonuses and pay with an alternative method rather than a credit card.

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