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Looking for an original game like no other? Then Baccarat is the game for you? Even though many people have no clue how to play this game that has a reputation of being very sophisticated and a bit confusing, it is in fact lots of fun and very easy to play and master. Ever been to Vegas? If so you may have noticed that it is common to find the Baccarat tables on display behind a velvet rope or in their own separate rooms with the dealer dressed to the nines in a tuxedo and beautiful women in designer dresses hanging around. If you have been witness then you might be like many other casino goers and falsely assume that since the game looks so chic it must be very complicated and take years to master. But as mentioned, the game of Baccarat is in fact one of the easiest in the casino.

Since this game has a reasonably low house edge, the casinos tend to try and attract the “high rollers” towards this game. Where the casino profits from the large amounts of money rolling through. It is not unusual to find Baccarat tables with a $500 minimum in a Las Vegas casino. This may explain the reason for the extreme lavish atmosphere created by the casino where the Baccarat tables can be found, as well as higher antes than other casino games. So this is where the online casino comes into play, with lower maintenance and overhead costs, it is not unreasonable for the online casino to offer low stakes Baccarat games. Now anyone has the opportunity and can feel comfortable playing this simple game that offers great odds to the player compared to other table games. You won’t have a problem finding Baccarat games online, with stakes starting as low as $5. So if you’ve always wanted to give Baccarat a try but couldn’t muster up the nerve (or the money) here’s your chance

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